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Product description:
Aromatic microencapsulation is the use of microencapsulation technology to wrap essence and release fragrance slowly through pressure, friction, heating or natural diffusion. The fragrance can last for more than half a year.

1、 Principle

Aromatic microencapsulation is the use of microencapsulation technology to wrap essence and release fragrance slowly through pressure, friction, heating or natural diffusion. The fragrance can last for more than half a year.


2、 Product Description

A. Standard fragrance:

a. Floral fragrance: rose, lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, citronella oil, mint.

b. Fruit aroma: strawberry, lemon, orange, apple, grape.

c. Other fragrances: cypress wood, sandalwood, camphor.

B. Special fragrance:

a. Floral fragrance: vanilla, chamomile, violet, tulip, pine tree, wild ginger flower, orchid.

b. Fruit aroma: blueberry, watermelon, cherry, coconut, coffee, hami melon, banana, pineapple, kiwi fruit.

c. Other aromas: cinnamon, ginger, gum.

d. New fragrance: please refer to the website.

C. Customized fragrance microcapsules:

It can cover microcapsules on behalf of work package. It must be a pure oily essence.


3、 Product type and instructions

A. Product Type and Application Table

B. Aromatic perfume Lotion

a. Product description:

 Average particle size of aromatic perfume lotion products: 3-10 μ m. It is an aqueous dispersion containing microcapsules. Since essence is volatile, standard solid content cannot be determined.

b. Product characteristics:

  Good dispersibility in water, suitable for water-based coatings. It can be used in water-based screen printing, paint, ink, etc.

c. Recommended dosage: (example: film-forming 20 μ m)

  Water lotion used in water-based inks and coatings 5% ~ 30% w / w (25%)

d. Precautions:

  Avoid the ink and paint with strong taste affecting the flavor.

  It is normal for aromatic perfume lotion to agglomerate and layer during storage. It can be stirred and heated to 45 ℃ in a water bath to redisperse before use.

C. Aromatic microcapsule powder

a. Product description:

  The average particle size of aromatic microencapsulated powder is 3-12 µ m. It is a microencapsulated powder composed of several formulas.

b. Product characteristics:

  Aromatic microcapsule powder is coated with Melamine shell material, which has good solvent resistance and dispersion, and is suitable for injection and extrusion of inks, coatings and plastics.

c. Recommended dosage: (example: film-forming 20 μ m. Plastic molding 0.2cm)

  Aromatic microcapsule powder is used in water-based and oil-based inks and coatings 5%~30% w/w (25%)

  Aromatic microcapsule powder used in plastic injection and extrusion 0.1%~5% w/w (0.5%)

d. Precautions:

  Aromatic microcapsule powder is ejected and ejected from plastics. It is recommended to use low-temperature rubber plastics, such as EVA and PU.

  When aromatic microcapsule powder is used in oily system, please use it immediately after preparation to avoid solvent replacing essence.

D. Aromatic post-treatment agent

a. Product description:

  It is made of aromatic perfume lotion and high-efficiency adhesive. It is suitable for immersion dyeing or spraying.

b. Product characteristics:

  It has the functions of fragrance, softness and sterilization.

  It can withstand washing for more than 10 times.

c. Recommended dosage:

  Dilute 20~50 times for use, and also increase the concentration and flavor.

d. Precautions:

  The baking time during the processing should not be too long to avoid the fragrance escaping.

  The recommended baking temperature is 140 ℃.


4、 Supplementary notes

A. Product fragrance release mode

B. Functionality

a. Refreshing: juniper (Fenduojing), mint, lemon, jasmine, lavender.

b. Strengthen immunity: eucalyptus, lemon, lavender.

c. Stable mood: lavender, sandalwood.

d. Insect and mosquito repellent: Eucalyptus, citronella oil, camphor, lavender, lemon.

e. Clean air: sandalwood, grapefruit, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon.

f. Beauty: lemon, jasmine, lavender.

g. Anti mildew and anti-bacterial: With nano silver, it can simultaneously achieve the functions of sterilization and long-term fragrance.

h. Other functions: It can be used with far-infrared and negative ion materials.


5、 Other information

A. Storage life: Fragrance materials shall be stored in dry, room temperature and confined space. The storage period is 12 months.

B. The company's aromatic products passed EN-71 and RoHS tests. It can be used in food packaging and toy manufacturing.

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