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"All our efforts are only to become your best partner. What we expect is to create a win-win business cooperation with you.
● Price changes:
Although we have made great efforts to stabilize the price system of our products, due to the shortage of raw materials and the instability of prices, the prices of our products have to change in time according to the changes in the market prices of raw materials. Therefore, please confirm the latest price of the product with our sales and relevant personnel before placing an order with us, so as not to cause misunderstanding and delay your purchase plan. Thank you for your understanding and support.
● Sales service:
In the sales process, we will provide you with product consulting, product application consulting, business consulting and other services.

Product consultation: We firmly believe that "communication is the foundation and core of cooperation". When we contact you, our professional sales staff will have detailed and professional communication with you to ensure that we can fully understand your needs. We don't just want to have simple business cooperation with you, we hope to help you. After full communication, we will recommend the most appropriate products to you according to your needs.

Product application consulting: in-depth understanding of product applications and application scenarios is the premise for our business cooperation. We have a wide range of products, covering almost all application fields, such as plastic, ink, paint, etc. It is common that several products can be used in the same application field or application scenario, but there may be some slight differences between their application capabilities. Therefore, before placing an order with us, please cooperate with our sales personnel to tell them the specific application field and application scenario of the products you need, so as to ensure that you can purchase the accurate and most appropriate products.

Business consulting: "win-win cooperation" is our original intention and our ultimate goal. We can discuss the cooperation mode and procurement plan with you, or share market information and other information conducive to our win-win cooperation.

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