Color masterbatch


Color preparation

Huaxing can customize any color effect and scheme you want according to your color, product performance, usage, opacity and desired cost. In addition, Huaxing can provide you with two cost-effective options, "color powder" and "color masterbatch"
The color masterbatch can achieve a cost effective utilization rate of 1%. However, if your production process can not disperse 1% of color masterbatch, we can make 2%, 3% and 4% formulas
Wetting agent, commercial shear mixer and twin-screw extruder are used in the production process. The color masterbatch has the characteristics of pigment that is easy to disperse, and the agglomeration is greatly reduced. We have more than 20 kinds of scattered materials and solutions to meet your production needs

Color control

Huaxing uses the most advanced color spectrophotometer to control your color. Huaxing Company can provide color quality control report according to the readings of color spectrophotometer on the computer to meet your customers' requirements for digital color quality control.

We can use a variety of lighting (light source) color separation to meet international technical requirements

Special effects

We can make your plastic design have special visual effects, such as:

■ Pearlescent color ■ Temperature sensitive discoloration ■ Light diffusion color

■ Metallic ■ Shiny metal sheet ■ Flowy marble

■ Radium carving color ■ Spray free coating ■ Foaming effect

■ Other visual effects


Huaxing has the technology of coloring materials and plastic color codes for all plastics in the world. Our factory in China has strong experimental ability. We have experienced chemical experts and color technicians who can help your company design the design coloring materials used by your company at any time. The personnel in charge of research and development have more than 20 years of experience in the coloring material industry, and all our experimental managers have more than 10 years of experience in the plastic coloring material industry

Because of our excellent technical ability, some large plastic processing plants have chosen us

Compliance Management

Huaxing understands various compliance issues, and we know which pigments, dyes and additives can be used in which plastics to meet the compliance requirements in specific applications. We can provide plastic coloring materials that fully comply with your specified regulations and standards

● Food and Drug Administration (FDA), EU and other food regulations

● ROHS standards

● Halogen standard

● BPA Standards

● Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

● Heavy metal content standard

CStar can provide compliance documents in English and Chinese

◆ Composition report

◆ Technical data report

◆ Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

◆ Other test reports specific to customer requirements can also be provided

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